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Money is a Tool, Not a Goal

We help our clients to use their money to pursue the retirement they want.

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Here's an easy resource to find resources, tips and Debra's thoughts regarding the Coronavirus.

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The DBT360 Process

The DBT360 Process

Debra developed her DBT360 financial planning process as a reflection how we see our role in our clients’ lives. We stand with each client and then look from the inside out, on all sides, and with all risks and resources accounted for.  The DBT360 helps our clients build a framework for thoughtful decisions about their money, allowing them to shortcut years of wondering what to do, and instead say “This is the best decision for me today."

Click here to read more about the DBT360, or contact our office today to make an appointment.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help people to be confident about their money. In our ideal world, every family would be well-educated about how they can use their money to achieve their lifetime goals, and they would feel good about the path they are on to pursue those goals.

Our goal, then, is to continue to build a practice that provides the services and resources for our clients and others to do so. Through one-on-one work directly with our clients, or through in-person presentations and resources we provide on our website, we continually teach people about money and financial wellness.

How We Can Help

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Debra's Latest Video

Debra's 2019 Visionary presentation from the W Forum:

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