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How (and Why) We Invest

We invest according to your purpose.  Since we are both investment advisors and financial planners, we see your portfolio as a strategy to help you achieve your goals. Will you use the money in the next three years to buy a new house, twenty years from now in retirement, or never?  The purpose behind your money should drive the decisions about how your money is invested. We are skilled and experienced in providing recommendations on diversified portfolios, alternative assets, retirement plans, and college savings plans.

Our role is not to convince our clients to invest in the stock market, but rather to design a strategy that helps our clients achieve their growth, income, and preservation goals. We create portfolios that are balanced for return potentials and risk level, within the framework of a certain time horizon and tax considerations. For more information about our investments, please contact us to request our Investment Policy Statement, or review a more detailed list under Our Services.