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Small Business Owners

“Can someone please help me with all of this?”

We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.  The challenges facing small business owners are simply different.  Which retirement plan is the right one for me? How do I handle cash flow? Do I need to make quarterly tax payments? What benefits can I provide for my employees, and which ones should I provide? When do I need a more sophisticated CPA? When do I need a CFO?

You don’t need to know everything we know about planning for growing businesses. We develop a relationship with each of our owners, and we “grab them by the ankle and pull them down to earth” to make decisions when needed. We support our small business owners by providing the following services:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Company retirement plan design and implementation
  • Philanthropic strategy for the business and the business owner
  • Lines of credit and mortgage loans against their portfolios
  • Private investment services
  • Insurance consulting including life, disability, key man, business continuity, and P&C
  • Referrals to other strategic professionals, including attorneys and CPAs

Entrepreneurs usually need a knowledgeable attorney as much as they need a financial planner. We partner with Debra’s husband, Paul Tagg, whose Firm specializes in estate and small business planning, to form a seamless small business consulting team to make life easier for our business owning clients.

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