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Debra Brennan Tagg is President of Brennan Financial Services in Dallas and the creator of the DBT360 Financial Plan, a proprietary system designed to build and maintain modern financial plans.

Debra is a nationally-recognized financial speaker, available for conferences, panels, and custom engagements for companies and groups. She hosts the Money + Mindset lecture/seminar series for clients and the greater Dallas community, and serves as a resource for US News and World Report, Financial Planner magazine, Yahoo! Finance, Financial Advisor HQ, Invest in Others, Wealth Management, and the Dallas Morning News on topics as wide-ranging as retirement plans for small business owners, regulations and laws that affect the financial industry, and how to run a family business.

Debra's current topics include:

Money Is a Tool, Not a Goal

There is more information about money and finance available today than ever before, and yet more people are confused about how to make financial decisions and how to prioritize the decisions that they have made. During this workshop, Debra will help the attendees to identify their values and how to use their values to determine how they want to use their money to have the lives they want. Debra will demonstrate how to design a financial plan, and how to identify, map, and achieve a financial goal.


Money + Mindset: What Women Need to Know About Negotiation

Current data tells us that women’s wages won’t be at parity with men’s wages for 30-40 years. While there are many factors that contribute to this outlook, one of the possible explanations is that women don’t ask for opportunities to advance in their career as often as men do. We have a goal to shorten the 3-4 decade outlook, and developed a workshop for women to learn how to negotiate with their employers for the income and opportunities they seek. During this workshop, Debra will demonstrate the amplifying effect that a higher salary has on a financial plan, and will provide actionable steps for the audience to be able to apply to their future conversations with their employers. This workshop also provides an opportunity for employers to open a dialogue with their employees about their career path and benefits.


Entrepreneurs: So Many Opportunities, So Little Time

Small business owners employ more people in the United States than large corporations, and are responsible for xxx% of GDP growth each year. They know they can do something better than most other people, and they will work harder at it than they ever would have in a job. Focused and time-constrained, entrepreneurs are unique in almost every way. From how their income flows, to how they finance their company, to the types of retirement plans they can use and how they need to design their estate and philanthropic plans, entrepreneurs have a multitude of choices to make regarding their assets. Debra is also an experienced entrepreneur, and a specialist in family businesses. During this workshop, Debra provides a high level overview of the financial issues that small business owners need to consider, and next steps on how to prioritize and address each.

Debra's recent engagements include keynote speeches, panel hosting and membership, and discussion/topic moderator duties for events hosted by Financial Advisor magazine, Institutional Investor, Advisor Group, Investment News, Communities Foundation of Texas, and the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.

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